Any official festival products or endorsed festival products are shown below.

If you have an idea for selling a quality product in your lodge or building and you wish to advertise it on the official festival website then send your ideas to The Festival Director John Thompson for approval.

Permission must be sought to use any Logos or emblems of The Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham or the Durham 2021 Festival. This can be obtained from our Creative manager Jamie Campbell ( It is essential that all items to be sold are ethically sourced, most reputable companies will have a corporate social responsibility policy.


A New Cable Tow!

When was the last time your lodge had a new Cable Tow?

You could buy one and donate it to Your Lodge, or the lodge could buy one directly.

You would also be supporting  the Durham 2021 Festival for the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.

The Charity Steward of Beaconsfield Lodge 7768 is hand splicing 10mm arctic white cotton 3 strand rope with an eye loop and a back loop. The strands each contain 156 threads which try at all times to ‘go straight’ and need to be twisted back into position after each tuck

Each cable tow is prepared with loving care.
Contact to place your order and arrange delivery 
the cost is £25 each.