Lodge Awards

bronze lodge award

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Bronze Award for achieving 33% of the lodge target

silver lodge award

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Silver Award for actually achieving 66% of the Lodge target.

gold lodge award

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Gold Award for actually achieving 100% of the Lodge target.

platinum lodge award

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Platinum Award (PGM’s Special Award) for actually achieving 130% of the Lodge target.

The target amount is based on the membership of each Lodge as stated in the 2016 year book

10% reduction to the lodge membership figure has been applied to assist with possible fluctuations in membership, dual memberships & non attendees.

All honorary lodge members are not counted within your membership numbers.

Your target will not alter from the start of the festival, i.e. if lodge membership rises the target will not rise or reduce if membership declines.

Lodges that don’t initiate members have been given a target of 10% of their membership as stated in the 2016 yearbook.

The Provincial Steward Lodge is excluded from the target.

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Agricola goes Platinum in style

Agricola goes Platinum in style

In Nov 2016 the PGM visited Agricola Lodge at the Installation to present his Provincial Grand Master’s Award which is given to a lodge who exceed their lodge target by 30%. In only 10 months Agricola Lodge has done this and some. The PGM was pleased to confer his first award to the WM and the Brethren of Agricola and hopes he has to do it many times again.

To read the full story of the evening http://www.durhamfreemasons.org/news-archive